Waboot Theme

The first part of the environment; Waboot aims to be the only theme you'll ever need to fulfill the majority of client requests. It leverages on the power of WBF Components to offer a clean startup base, which you can progressively enhance by enabling the components that implement the features you need.


Flexible, hook based layout

Stop overriding parent theme template after template; Waboot implements many smart hooks to make your life easier.


Reinvented template system

The initial blank structure can be expanded by following a "convention over configuration" principle. Once you learned it, you'll realize you never been so quick to respond to change.



Waboot it's not 'lightweight', but it's not cluttered even. Its component-based nature allows you to enable only the features you need.

More awesomeness


Fully Responsive


Bootstrap ready


WooCommerce ready


SEO friendly


Layout Manager


Theme options


Post format support


FontAwesome / Google fonts integration

Theme Components

Components are the the core of Waboot Theme. Each component implements a different feature and can be enabled or disabled as needed. Developers can develop their components as well through an easy-to-learn API.


Waboot build-in components comes in different flavors:

Layout Components

Which implement layout features like sticky headers, different kind of navigations, ect...

Functionality Components

Which implement functionality such as WooCommerce compatibility, cookie policy, dashboard tweaks...

Libraries Components

Which make available public libraries so you don't have to include them in different places.

Waboot Framework (WBF)

An extensive framework to empower your WordPress.
WBF features many tools which can be used out-of-the-box to speed up development time, like: assets and notice managers, ready to extends plugin base classes, theme options functionality and many more…


WBF is composed by individual modules, each providing different functionality and tools. Modules can be also built by third party developers. The core modules simplify the development of theme options and plugins with rich and powerful API.

100% WordPress

WBF is built atop of WordPress with the aims to enrich its functionality without undermine its structure or community guidelines. We put much efforts and care to ensure that our framework is compatible with the major plugins.

Composer Ready

Given it’s modular nature, each WBF component can be used on its own throught composer. You can easy integrate only the functionality that you need in your project.


Waboot Plugins (coming soon!)

Waboot Plugins will be a paid service where you can find quality, mutually compatible plugins, deeply tested within Waboot environment.

They will be grouped in three macro-category:


Custom Post Type Based

Plugins that implement functionality based on post types, such as: galleries, events, real estate services, ect...


WordPress improvements

Plugins that improve or tweak some aspect of our beloved CMS.


WooCommerce tweaks

Plugins that specifically support, enhance and tweak WooCommerce.

All Waboot Plugins are tested for compatibility with:

The first series of plugins has been released!

EU Taxation
for WooCommerce

This plugin adds the fields for fiscal code and VAT number among the WooCommerce billing fields and to checkout.

Variations Default Price
for WooCommerce

This plugin allows shop owners to specify default regular\sale prices for all variations of a product.

Product filters
for WooCommerce

This plugin implements more performance-oriented filters by building a custom products index.

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